• Actual Size: 40 ft x 14 ft x 10 ft
    • Setup Area: 40 ft x 14 ft x 10 ft
    • Outlets: 1
    • Attendants: 1

    • $240.00
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Let's get ready to RUUUUMBLEE!!! Face off with your best friend (or enemy lol) and topple them off the jousting pedestal.

Two people will put on head gear, climb up on the pedestal and try to be the first to score three points. Points are awarded by connecting their joust pole to the body or knocking off their opponent from their pedestal. Let the attendant be the Referee.  

All equipment is provided. Jousting pad doubles for the bungee run. Let us know if you want it setup for both games for no extra charge. If you want to joust and save a little money, check out our jousting boxes under "Event Games" catagory. 


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